Case Study Data Entry

Delivery Hero

Project Overview

A leading UK based restaurant brand with over 1000+ employees with 70 nationalities across 5 continents work for delivery hero. The largest food network in the world with more than 3,00,000 participating restaurants.
They wanted to outsource their restaurant menu data entry work for one of their major chain which is “Hungry House” and wanted a better partner who can give them prominent results and provide maximum solutions related to their menu entry day to day operations.

From the Client

When we decided to relocate our data entry service outside of Germany, we wanted to find the best partner in terms of ongoing communication and ethics. It became quickly evident that Tech2Globe would be our partner of choice, what we didn't expect was to receive such a high quality of service day after day. Thanks to Tech2Globe we have reduced our data entry service levels by 10 times and freed up inhouse resources to handle real-time customer’s queries.
- Jay Benjamin

The Strategy

Aquatech Basement Waterproofing teamed up with Tech2Globe Canada to assist create a successful marketing plan because they wanted to boost their brand awareness and quality leads online. Three strategies are selected by Aquatech Basement Waterproofing and Tech2Globe to help boost online traffic:


Solicited training from the hungry house for tech2globe team to ensure the menu entry would be completed properly & backlog should be finished in minimum time interval.

Safety & Data Security

Optimal performance & minimal risk were covered to measure safety of large data. Used static IP’s, secure email server, timely backup with Tech2globe internal database.

Samples Shared

Several samples were shared with the hungry house team before we started on a real time project. These samples were approved and the project started in full.

Team Strength

To ensure maximum productivity and completion of the project within the requirements, 15 resources were assigned to work exclusively on the project.


Reports delivered to client outline process & stages of performance through project lifecycle.

Backup and Work Overload

Both protocols were adapted by Tech2globe before start of the project to prevent the downtime.


Get relevant feedback once training finished before the project started for the team performance.


As their major concern was the quality, so we planned accordingly & give them a separate plan

The Results

With the extra time spent to ensure training and accurate engagement with the team, the following results were made possible for the project

  • The Tech2Globe team has managed to finish the backlog in just 75 days with the positive feedback of the client.
  • The Hungry House team gained a fair amount of confidence for the quality of the work and it resulted in their in-house team management, they managed to move their menu typing team into customer care management which results in better business outcomes and quick customer’s queries handling .
  • With the quality of the work promised and delivered to the Hungry House team, subsequently they handed over their restaurant's logo creation work to our graphic team.
  • Delivery Hero is now able to save up to 80% of the cost which they were incurring in the menu entry and used that investment to grab more business. They put more resources in the sales team to grow the business which is their core.